You have heard of Christmas and New Year? But what do you call the period in-between?


Welcome to the five days of Twixtmas - five days to do five great things to change our world.


It's a celebration of all that is good in us and in our world. 


How can we help each other to help each other?


What 5 things can we share or do?


Shakespeare said "The meaning of life is to find our gift. The purpose of life is to give it away"


Join with us and together we can do our bit to help make the world a better place.


“One Small Step for Each of Us, One Great Leap for All of Us.”


Thank you to Neil Armstrong for the inspiration for this quote.




On the first day of Twixtmas, I did something for me. On the second day of Twixtmas, I sacrificed for others. On the third day of Twixtmas, I reached out to a friend. On the fourth day of Twixtmas, I helped preserve the earth. On the fifth day of Twixtmas, I paused to look ahead...
Five days to change your world


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