Day 2 (December 28th) Do something for others

5 things to do on this Twixtmas Day

  1. Do a random act of kindness
  2. Let someone you care about speak to you uninterrupted for 5 minutes
  3. Help a neighbour
  4. Have a mini-Lent and give up something for the day
  5. Give to charity

Some Twixtmas inspiration from a leading expert

I want to talk with you about one of the people I respect; "the other Bush"; Reggie Bush, the 23 - year - old Running Back who plays for the New Orleans Saints in the NFL. Hugely talented as a sportsman, he definitely embraces the bigger picture, understanding that whatever we do in our lives for work, there is always an opportunity to make a positive difference in someway.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he and some teammates rebuilt five homes in the Holly Grove district. His comments on this are striking: "It was a humbling experience. After three years in a trailer this family went back to a place I'd helped make nice again. That was my reward. Anybody in their right mind, if they had their head screwed on tight, would want to do it."

As a successful sportsman he is paid a lot of money to endorse products. Chunks of this he gives to charities, more interestingly he often ties the sponsors themselves in to supporting the charitable work. So Adidas were tied into a project with a special - needs school in New Orleans; their money kept the school running for the first two years after Katrina. There are numerous other examples of the "other Bush" making a positive difference through the leverage he can get by being a top-level sports performer.

So....a great model for making a positive difference in a really effective way. However.....we don't have to be famous, well-connected or financially well-off to give. We can give or be of service in many ways - helping someone, taking time to visit, clearing litter, making a supportive phone call, listening to someone who needs to talk, giving a compliment. It can take seconds to make a positive difference.

When we take the time to do this we go beyond being separate or isolated - we connect and become part of the whole. There is a word; I think it is a Buntu word from South Africa - "Ubuntu". The word expresses the idea that "I belong in a greater whole and am diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed, when others are taken from rather than given to" "Ubuntu" - that's what giving and making a positive difference is about. Enjoy it!!!

David Taylor

Five books David recommends reading over Twixtmas are:

  • 'Happiness Now' by Robert Holden
  • 'Amazon' by Bruce Parry
  • 'How Can I Help?' by Ram Dass and Paul Gorman
  • 'The Journey to the East' by Hermann Hesse
  • 'Presence' by P. Senge, C.O Scharmer, J. Jaworski amd B.S Flowers.

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Try to support...

"There's an elderly lady in our street, who I never have time to talk to.

I'm going to go round and see if she wants anything doing."



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