Day 5 (December 31st) Do something for your future

5 things to do on this Twixtmas Day

  1. Write a list of 10 things you will do during next year.
  2. Count your blessings and ask how you can share your blessings for the year ahead.
  3. Ask a spiritual question: "Why am I here?"
  4. Be more creative - aim to think flexibly and ask beautiful questions for every day of next year.
  5. Identify 3 action steps to make your goals for the year ahead happen now.

Some Twixtmas inspiration from a leading expert

Andy Green, founder of Grow Social Capital, a social enterprise working to encourage everyone to live nd work better together.

5 things to do to improve your flexible - and creative thinking for the year ahead.

Want some essential guidance on what you can do to transform your ability to come up with new ideas during next year? Follow these five essential tips from creative and flexible thinking expert Andy Green.

  1. Think flexibly 24 7 - regard everything as an opportunity, even setbacks and problems. You are never more than 12ft from an opportunity. Every person, every object is an inspiration or link to a solution.
  2. Ask beautiful questions; the key to outstanding creativity is asking the right, or 'beautiful question'. Start by making a list of every possible question you can think about the challenge you face for the year ahead. Then group them into ideally five chunks. Give each chunk a heading. You now have created a strategy map for the next 12 months, highlighting the key strands of the issues you face
  3. Bounce back: inevitably you will obstacles, objections to your ideas or plans for change. The outstanding creative person is more often marked not by the inherent quality of their thinking, more from their taking knocks and setbacks and coming back for more punishment.
  4. Create a future magnet. Create a meaningful picture of the new world you want to create. The more vivid and coherent your vision, the more powerful it acts as a future magnet to draw you to it from your present situation. Write down 10 goals for the year ahead. Keep checking your list throughout the year. It's a great tool for realizing your ambitions.
  5. You'll never walk alone is true in creativity as it is as a football chant. You can never realise your dreams without the help, co-operation or tacit approval of others. Ask 'what's in it for them?' in seeking their help.
  6. Always give more - go the extra yard. Reflect back on anything you have done well in life, and you will recognise how you went the extra distance in some way. Always identify if the challenge has meaning for you.

"If you read the economic forecasts you hear about doom and gloom. Sure times may be hard but you will create a better future for yourself by being creative in your thinking." said Andy Green. "Those who think flexibly will be the ones to survive- and succeed."

Andy Green's 5 books for Twixtmas reading include:

  1. Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
  2. Imagine Jonah Lehrer
  3. Loos Martin Thomas
  4. Anti-Fragility - Nichollas Taleb
  5. The Righteous Mind - Jonathan Haidt

About Andy Green

Andy Green has written 7 books on creativity and brand communications which have been translated into eight languages

Each January he demonstrates how to turn a negative into a positive with his worldwide campaign marking 'Blue Monday', the symbollically most depressing day of the year.

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"I've never given much thought to what I want to do in the year ahead. I've always reacted to things and just let life drift on.

Next year will be different!"

As Val McKie often says "We are all a success even if we don't know it. We have successfully achieved a life that fulfils a story that we wrote It is just that we have forgotten the original story and the influencers behind the story. If we are not happy Twixtmas is a great time to reflect and re-think our story. Next year will be different if we first think differently. Find some-one you trust and share with them how you feel. Remember if all we ever do is talk to ourselves we will always get the same response. We are only human. It really is time to forgive our faults and celebrate our talents. As my friend Barbara once posted on facebook we have a 100% success rate at surviving a bad day. Let's look to make the next day better. Pioneers of the Future, as Jim Rohan says, not Prisoners of the Past"

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