Once upon a time...

It might have been listening to the hundredth moan about too much shopping, not knowing what to do, or over-indulgence. This seemed to be stupid. Also, with the economy looking less prosperous the age old standby of going to the shops seems a less attractive proposition.

We live in a time poor age. The period between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve presents an opportunity to do something for many people. It gives the chance to take stock, do things we don't normally get time to do.

Maybe with a bit of prompting, practical help and just for someone to take the initiative and do something, the opportunity could be seized.

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Making Twixtmas happen

Firstly, we need to brand the period to give it a coherence and sense of distinct time. 'Twixtmas' seemed a good name. One or two travel operators were tentatively using the name for the holiday period and it had echoes of being seasonal and echoes of the 'Xmas' break.

Secondly, it needed a bit of direction and practical thought. How could we make the most of the opportunity for the common good? What should people be doing? What could make a difference?

Thirdly, it needed the support and involvement of some good sensible people, who are similarly on a mission to do their bit to make the world better. By creating a bigger critical mass, a tidal wave of change can be created.

With the practical skills of people behind the project using their talents in communications, publicity, web design and marketing, matched with a desire to do something for the common good, a campaign to promote Twixtmas could really happen.

The Vision is for Twixtmas to become recognised as part of the annual calendar (OK it may be a bit ambitious to be as big as Christmas and New Year). The fundamental goal is to ensure the time and opportunity is used by as many people as possible for making the world better in some way. With these small steps we begin our journey....


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